Craptions Classics October 26, 2007

10 seconds before the creation of the weirdest roadkill in the history of the world...


Other Craptions

Jack had never seen snything so bizzar in his whole life......a BLUE garden hose!?


...And this is me and my ex the physco-hose-beast.


So my wife wanted to get me out of the house and I found my new sport, Goat Origami!


"...4th time this month. I keep tellin' her that without opposable thumbs, she'll never be able to water the lawn."


Lucky I thought to bring my goat-lasso, or we never would have caught that giant snake.

Ryan Oskroba

"Hmm, how about in the Grasslands, with the Water Hose, by Professor Gooftard?"


"See Mike? No animal or man can resist it - the ol' Slip & Slide trap works every time!"


"You've been hearin' the rumors?" he asked. "'Bout them UFOs, stickin' them power tubes inta our livestock? I think I jus’ solved it, Mister." "Yes, sir, it IS evidence, but—‘livestock'? The Bontebok Antelope is a rare species native to South


After taking the bet Hugo unzipped his pants and unsheathed his junk. And who would've guessed it? It really did kinda look like a woman holding a trophy. Hugo came up $20 that day.


Dave could only watch open mouthed as the jeep turned into a giant robot and told him of the evil Decepticon plot to conquer the world. His dad knew nothing of this because he was too busy tying a garden hose round an antelope for no discernible reas


David Letterman's own submission to "Stupid Pet Tricks" went awry when the yak refused to water the lawn on-camera.


You cross Jimmy Blue Shirt and he'll totally Range Rover you and your creepy hose-deer sex doll.


It took years of surfing BDSM websites, but Jerry finally found his perfect bondage partner. Would the rest of the world understand just what they had together?


Jerry suddenly realized that his grandfather had NOT captured the elusive snapelope.

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