Craptions Classics October 24, 2007

Leonardo gained worldwide notoriety among the homosexual community for tossing the worlds largest salad.


Other Craptions

Alberto was frustrated. He couldn't see the sailboat. So he stabbed the picture with a fork.


Roberto reached out to Sir Fransisco's sinking hand, but it was too late. The kingdom of Olive Garden was doomed.


Jeremy was pissed...This was the last time he would invite the Jolly Green Giant to a kegger.


When Olive Garden says "Unlimited Salad," they fcking mean it.


...and the next day, the head of the culinary arts program decided that mastery of U.S. to metric recipe conversions would be required for admission.


Oh waiter? there's been a mistake.... I believe i ordered the LARGE salad.....


Quick! hide the salami.


Alfredo is a dedicated man. He takes time out everyday to stroke his beloved pet salad.

Mike Huang

Luigi!!! I swear to God!!! Oprah Jumped in right about. . . Here!


Contrary to popular belief, Godzilla was a vegiterian and could be appeased by a nice salad. Tony only hoped it would be ready in time before he destroyed the city


WHAT!no croutons!


...what the salad bar of every restaurant in America would look like if men found out that vegetables were a female aphrodisiac.


After poor sales of Where's Waldo? in Mexico the publisher tries a new idea with Where's Jalapeno?


Back-to-front Eddie was surprised by what arrived after ordering the garden salad.

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