Craptions Classics October 16, 2007

Why must you always be the Centaur of attention.


Other Craptions

Finally, we have an answer to which belly gets fat when a centaur eats too many corn dogs.


"Bob, this isn't really a ren faire. It's an intervention. Look around, everyone here loves you, cares about you. We care about you enough to tell you the hard truth. You're too fat to go around outside without a shirt on."


Please stop whispering, I'm not into it.


Ass cancer vicim Jerry dresses up for the fantasy fair, cleverly disguising his horrendous tumour.


I don't date guys who... dye their hair.

Lex Friedman

Oh,the rear legs? That's my buddy Jack. Who's under yours?


"Nice costume, but what kind of jackass dresses up like a centaur and forgets to include a massive horse cock on his ensemble?

The Iron Colonel

... And this concludes our lesson on how to die a virgin


"Buddy, you know it's bad when someone dressed like me tells you that you look ridiculous."


''Yes, and that's how the horse's head got stuck in my ass. My legs... I lost them in the war you know.''


Yeah dude, I can take a crap whenever I want now. It's totally sweet.


You'll think this costume is even cooler when you find out that I'm a paraplegic.

Lex Friedman

Woops, I okay back there?


You're telling me i walked through town dressed like this and the PeTA thing is TOMORROW?!

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