Craptions Classics October 15, 2007

After years of painstaking research, the scientists think that they discovered the answer to the age old question: What is considered too gay?


Other Craptions

The successor to the renowned "A Clockwork Orange" is, many would say, remarkably more disturbing than it's predecessor. So much so, in fact, that it drove these guys shit-ass crazy.


Fuck this, I'm going skating.


Voted "Most Innovative Costume for a Dumb Ass" at this year's award ceremony.


The reason why you never let the blind organize their own awareness rallies.


Screw girls tonight man, i just wanna skate!!


Rejects from the Shriner's parade.


good thing one of them had ice skates, otherwise this picture might seem a little weird

Scotty Jamoka

Frustrated by slumping sales and meager benefit packages, the agents for AIS Auto Insurance would finally get their union recognized.


Even RETARDS get tired of dancing without AIDS.

Lex Friedman

Disappointed again, the interpretive dance troupe could never understand why they constantly failed to get that much needed government funding.


Dave told the others to stick tight amid all the stares. After all, they knew what real madness was, they'd only just escaped with their lives and tutu's intact.


Bush: Psssst, hey Chaney, child's are present, we're here undercover looking for weapons of mass distraction not ducks my lil' misfiring homey. Chaney: Yes sir, very sorry sir. Chaney to Self: I'll just keep pretending to look for the four of us th


Alberto wanted to prove once and for all that, contrary to The Simpsons, you CAN make friends with salad


You're never to old to go Trick-or-Treating.

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