Craptions Classics October 07, 2007

Bikers! What is your profession?!


Other Craptions

"Bullshit. Not all of you nicknamed your bike Spartacus."

P. Shiddy

At the Tour De Soviet Russia, the bike rides you.


Steve stared outside his window. His horoscope was right today.

Dick Pound

Magneto is such a prick.


Ironically, not a single black man in sight.

Vulcan Bomber

Everyone who has used steroids before the race, raise your bike.


Once the Rapture came, God took bikes first, just so he could piss off environmentalists with the irony of their futile attempts to save the planet.

Choco Taco

Trying to impress the little ladies after it was scientifically proven bike riding causes impotence.

Dr. Tochgeenzin

For tonight we ride in HELL!

Bob Forehead

Traffic Jam, London City Centre 2187.


Here we see the majetic bike flock in it's natural habitat,
today, the flock swarms down on a very 'special' kind of prey.


Backpack Jimmy always forgot theme day at summer camp.


Ok, would the guy in grey on the bottom left please leave the field. Now could somebody remove one bike and I'll start the tape again...


To repel the alien invaders, the French had only one possible sacrifice most dearest to their hearts to offer...

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