Craptions Classics October 01, 2007

This is probably what five year olds think sex is.


Other Craptions

"As you can see Sir, my men are well trained. No Wicked Witch will be safe!"

"Excellent. The hunt begins at dusk..."


As soon as the Wetco Squirt Gun Factory brought in the strike-breakers, things turned ugly.

Why Not

They're pretty good soakers, alright, but super?


The Halo live-action movie turned out to be a big disappointment.

The Stu Crew

Attention please! Someone has filled one of the squirt guns with sulfuric acid. First one to guess which one wins a prize!!!


And then Billy brought out his mogwai. There were no survivors.


Liquid extasy was a hugh hit.


If HDTVs had existed in the 60's, then the footage from Vietnam wouldn't have been nearly as shocking.


Not all visions of the afterlife are equally plausible.


after guns were made illegal, the gangs of L.A. got creative...


Although the water was harmless, the pistol-whips were not.


Little did the right team know, that they had filled their soakers with their own urine.


Al-Qaeda had finally run out of money. They could no longer afford bombs, AK47s, helicopter gunships. They couldn't afford the fuel or bullets anyway.

But, by Allah, they were still going to piss some fucking Americans off.


But the Wachowski brothers just weren't happy with where The Matrix was going.

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