Craptions Classics September 30, 2007

panda are nearly extinct. chinese humans are overcrowded. theres a solution somewhere....

someone else

Other Craptions

Jun cares about the prosperity of childeren and the preservation of good morals.
Mayla is working off her student loans.
Lee is a paedophile.

They are the day-care workers.

The Rake

Attempts to subvert the "one child per family" rule by disguising kids as raccoons produced mixed results.


Intent on seizing the valuable young pandanese cubs, the poachers failed to notice the mother and father returning from the hunt.

the black knight

We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.


China calls cage fighting by another name, but training for it is pretty much the same.


Punching children in the eyes is not big or clever but it sure is funny.


China's breed and release program took a strange turn.


These kids will all play the Pandamonium later in life.


And you thought they were sending real pandas to all those zoos aroung the world?


corruption in the panda racing circuit was rife


Asia's new stem cell research department - They just dont make them how the used too!


In China mascot training begins in preschool.


The panda/human crossbreeding program was working. Soon China would have thousands of bamboo eating warriors.


Final Fantasy just isn't what it used to be.

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