Craptions Classics September 27, 2007

Terrorists eventually realized the utter futility of crashing into buildings without airplanes.


Other Craptions

As soon as I figure out which ethnic group this is; I'm going to start discriminating against them.


Superman thought it would be funny to stop the Earth's rotation for a brief moment.


Everybody was kung-fu fighting


With the growth of the chinese population, it was only a matter of time before young men displaced bamboo as the cheapest form of scaffolding.


12.01.2006. The day the Wii first came out in Japan.

mthr beech

The original printing of the Kama Sutra included some interesting extra chapters.


Getting the last donut at the Chang household is a matter of life and death.


The scuptor eyed the huge square block of marble and ran his thumb along the keen edge of his chisel.

"Right!" he shouted to his models, "Now, just hold that pose for a few hours!"




And so God smote them.
And for seven days and seven nights Chinamen rained down from the heavens.


Extreme Leap-Frog: the thrilling new exhibition sport to watch for in Beijing this summer.


After twenty five broken limbs, thirteen crushings and three decaptiations; Dave collected his winnings from his recent betting racket. On reflection he thought it had probably been unfair to force people to form human pyramids only to electrecute t


Oh that's just GREAT... the weather guy didn't say ANYTHING about rain today. I JUST washed my fuckin car!


The Chinese acrobatics team eventually realized that complicated human ladders were NOT the best way to break into a house.

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