Craptions Classics March 15, 2006

Let's go on a double date, you said. I bet our girlfriends will really hit it off, you said.

God, I hate you.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

Strict Chinese censorship laws prevent the broadcast of lesbian elbows.


"It's just not the same without the tentacles."

Senor Taco

I think we could outdo them. What do ya say?

Rat Boy

Boom chicka Mao Mao


How come you never kiss me like that anymore?


Didn't we ban Lesbianism?
*sigh* You mean Communism? No, we LIKE communism
What about Lesbiansim?
Pretty fucking sweet from where I'm standing.


Sure, Mao once angrily claimed that Western culture was bad, but take a look at the portrait. Does he look angry to you?

le douche

".......what is a resbian?...."


Up until now He had feared his girlfreind was seeing another man. Now he realized the sad horrifying and strangely arrousing truth.

marshal mellow

Dong and Chong regret taking their girlfriends to see Brokeback Mountain.


It's okay, they're Sisters


-I thought women loved men in uniform?
-Yes this is normally true but in China there are 4 million men in uniform so it is not so exciting
- I see


communism is so hot!


With one swift, clean move, Xingwei snapped her lover's neck while planting her trademark "kiss of death".

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