Craptions Classics September 14, 2007

In this promotional shot from the Indian remake of Return of the Jedi, Ewoks attack an Imperial speeder bike.


Other Craptions

"Here's the keys, don't scratch it."


"...then, once they all go for the banana, we roll them over wih a giant chocolate steamroller. And that's how we make Chunky Monkey. Any questions?"

Ben & Jerry

...and after Prakash finishes serving them lunch they'll be right back on the phones handling all your tech support needs.

Flash in the Pants

"You must be THIS tall to ride the scooter"


Just as the monkey wedding was coming to a close, a wedding crasher intercepted and ate the banana bouquet before the any of the bridesmaids could catch it.


"Is your moped producing monkey emissions? Use Chevron with Techron so you won't have to worry about finding out the hard way."

Wasn't Me

The simian pilgrimage to worship before the Great and Mighty Vespa had begun to yield fruit.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad finds a convenient way of disposing of the enemies of Iran.


The monkeys burst into applause as the feeble human finally managed to ride one handed.


When Bollywood remade Easy Rider it was just sad.


OK, here's my wallet. Now get downwind.


Use the force Luke Chamcha

gaylord the dog

Here's my feces for a change you little shits!


Pédro had no choice but to Hadouken the one at the back. You know, just to show he wasn't fucking around when he said "hands off my wheels."

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