Craptions Classics September 12, 2007

The Robinsons were silly to think that not having a front door would deter Jehovah's Witnesses.


Other Craptions

I started out on the wall climb in the gym on the first floor and then I got in the zone.


People born without lower legs are 60% more likely to have something to prove.

milk is chillin

So Doctor I have this overwhelmng fear of enclosed spaces.


I think I'm lost. Have you seen an office, with a large safe filled with cash and jewerly?


-"Get a room, you two!"
-"We ARE in a room!"
-"Well the lose some weight!"


"Hey there,I rang the doorbell, but there was no answer."


In the future, the homeless go to extreme measures to clean your windows.


Another day, another flying Iggy Pop hits the window.

Guadalcanal Diary

"Your life looks boring. Wanna have an adventure?"


This is why I no longer have my Cafe Press version of JDATE.


Windows 95 was OK, Windows 2000 was good but Windows Vista seemed to miss the point


Hello Jackster340! Would you like to enlarge your P3N15E for free!?!
No? Ok.
*next window*
Hello Jackster340! Would you like to enlarge your P3N15E for free!?!


"This is Morpheus, they're coming to get you, climb out the window"

"Baaahahahaha! ..Ohh, ohh.. Seriously though - we're really sorry - we never thought he'd fall for that shit"


Due to extreme budget cuts the company decided to make firing fun again. Today was pirate day.

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