Craptions Classics September 11, 2007

The unfortunate Bentfish are easy prey for native fishermen, as they swim endlessly in hexagons.


Other Craptions

Fish-hats: Hats so stylish that nearby children will be compelled fondle their balls.


Thank God I was here to save him! This poor animal nearly drowned!

Mason Stormchild

To the other villagers, the problem wasn't what he attempted with the fish, but rather the way he barbecued his hang-glider.


my mom packs the worst lunches....


REAL men kill fish by headbutting them.


It wasn't until it began growing gills that Jhadin finally decided to have the strange growth on his head looked at.


Bend it like Abdul!


Watching Mungabu's brash displays of masculine prowess from afar, Ungala furtively touched her vagina...


Old Man and the What The Fuck Is That

Tom Mcgreevy

"Kids in Africa don't even have broccoli to eat."
-American motivational proverb

"Kids in Somalia don't even have buckets to carry on their heads."
-African motivational proverb


"...And that, my friends, is why I can [i]never[/i] go back to Seaworld.


"Back off Mon! This is my sex fish!"


Hemingways lost novel "The young man and the sea," while less popular, does contain much wiser advice on fishing.

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