Craptions Classics September 10, 2007

Hello, fellow adult. We're 21 years old. You can tell by our mustaches. Please give us beer now.


Other Craptions

Even as teenagers, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were making terrible movies.

J Random

2 seconds later Steves head, neck and right arm slowly fell to the floor from the horrendous cut in his torso.

Monkey Javelin fist

Before they were discovered by Nintendo the Mario Brothers made a living as amateur porn stars.

The Rake

Just for Men introduces its new line for women.


"We don't know what we are supposed to be, either."


Mario had no idea that Luigi was a chick.


In the highly controversial "Adventures of John and Dave: The Movie", Dave, to the outrage of the public, was played by a horribly disfigured man, wearing no tie, and even going so far as to have facial hair. John however, remained unchanged.


For some reason, the CIA's efforts to infiltrate Al-Qaeda have not been very successful.


"Wait a minute, this isn't the YMCA"


Don't look now Gareth but i think that man behind you is trying to film your man boobs


What is love? Baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no more.


Ivan's search for pussy comes to fruition.


"the only people with bushier mustaches are our italian grandmas"


2 Plumbers. One Mission. Hooper and Cooper, weeknights at 9, only on FOX

Nick Coffin
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