Craptions Classics September 09, 2007

Even Waldo doesn't know where the fuck he is right now.


Other Craptions

He had been warned not to wear shoes in the pool.


Who else has something to say about my Speedo?


Look closely. People standing around rigidly and talking, one inexplicably nude man, another apparently dead in the middle of the party... This is the World of Warcraft.


In the diving contest, Robert was sure to win, as his opponent Billy had missed the pool.


Meanwhile, Murray stood there in his speedo hoping someone "his type" would fall unconcious out of the pool


When the only person willing to help you is a pantless man at a public pool, you're in deep shit.


James learned the hard way that "No Diving" works both ways.


A dead body by the water slide just means the ride will be even more kick-ass.


In the hope that pantless middle aged men were like bears, Jim dived to the ground and prayed to god he looked dead.


Who else wants to try making me put on pants?


Charlie was in luck; no one seemed to notice this dead man, but Charlie did, and he also noticed the wallet sticking out of the guy's pants...


If you insist on running by the pool, at least don't run with scissors. That's just asking for trouble.


Fred was happy. He was finally going to get his gerbil back.


Danny wanted to be buried at sea, but this was all he could afford.

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