Craptions Classics September 07, 2007

Orange you glad we didnt throw rocks?


Other Craptions

Whenever people ask Mark what he does for a living, he just lies.


Breakfast at Gitmo.


Bill didn't have a French maid fetish, he had a Minute Maid fetish.


Quentin Tarantino thought he had destroyed all copies of his original version of "Pulp Fiction". He was wrong.


DAMN you, excessive gravity face!


Some of the oranges pass right through and some don't - proving that science still has a lot to learn


"I know there's a better way to make orange juice, but this guy needs the money, and by God, he's going to work for it."

This Craption Fucking Sucks

John expected something else when he was told to put on the mask and prepare to lick up some juice.


That Mother Fucker had scurvy!

Buddy Christ

Not the easiest of ways to make a vodka and orange juice, but i'll be damned if it isn't the most entertaining.

The Rake

Some believe that Minute Maid's juice campaign got a little TOO extreme in the 90's.

Minute Man

John had a passion for both vitamin C and violent bondage, but was hitherto unable to combine the unique pleasures of both.


Feeding time at the gimp zoo always drew in the crowds.


Gary was just lucky the grocer had ran out of pineapples.

The Dan
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