Craptions Classics September 05, 2007

Sure, Jesus can walk on water, but the Dalai Lama can breakdance on air.


Other Craptions

Unfortunately, Juan didn't realize that "Parachute Pants" was just a name.


You know when people spell out words with their bodies? George dots his fucking i's.


A giant invisible woman is about to give birth.


When MC Hammer yelled STOP! you stopped what you were doing until you heard him say HAMMERTIME again.

Monkey Fist

The latest Hero found he could fly, but only when smelling his crotch.


One of the many talents of commercialised Shaolin Monks is jumping like Sonic.


For zero g training in China's space program, the astronauts are thrown out a window.


Julius, trapped in a decaying orbit, is predicted to impact in October of 2007.

Clear as Fog

Wang was glad he paid attention to the "Surviving a disaster" video.

"When falling from a ten story building, duck and cover."


Even though he knew he made the game-ending shot, Tran couldn't resist looking back as he walked off the court.


Damn pigeon shit is slippery.


Unlike his brothers, Chang refused to go into the family business of Chinese acrobatics. Chang had his heart set on becoming the world's greatest moonwalker.

Chang's Mom

The stunt team forgot to put down the mattress in this scene...


Unfortunately, Kevin forgot the most important element of a cannonball dive.

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