Craptions Classics September 03, 2007

In retrospect, it was a bad idea to book the Pussy Cat Dolls to perform at the D&D convention.


Other Craptions

Although lesser known than the Irish Potato Famine, the Irish Mashed Potato Flood claimed far more lives.


Due to a clerical oversight, drowning children in mashed potatoes wasn't technically a crime until 1993.

Benny B

"Good call, genius. Next time, when a genie offers you one wish and you don't believe him, WISH FOR A FUCKING TRUCKLOAD OF GOLD. Fuck."


Waiter, there are people in my mashed potatoes.


Unlike quicksand you can eat your way out of quickpotatoes.

evan oops


"Nah, dude. Only potatoes."


These bukkake shots are mostly faked.


Conditions are right. No one's looking. I'm totally going for it:

"Golly! I wonder if anybody knows we're masturbating!!!"

Senor Taco

John and Dave were a little disappointed when they found themselves on Cloud 9


For those of you who say Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could never have been gayer, just watch the deleted scenes..


Don't wear white when you enter the mash potato pit. Case in point: there are 3 people pictured here. The ones wearing black are alive.


"Bill, should we tell them about their foam allergy now?"

"Not now Joanna, look how much fun they're having."


No wait, if we can find my motorcycle we can drive out!


Looks like is should be on a porn site... wait a second..

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