Craptions Classics August 30, 2007

All the other Camels laughed at Howard, because he was a helicopter.


Other Craptions

The last time the Army had attacked the orphanage with helicopter gunships, everyone in the media exclaimed, "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!"

This time, they did.


The US Army took a different approach to camoflauge in the Middle East


combined with Dolphin the Submarine and and Kangaroo the Tank, this was going to be the most fun war EVER.


To cheer up flood victims, FEMA spent $50,000,000.00 paintng the rescue helicopters.


The French army relied heavily on the element of surprise.


The distracted children never spotted the hippotankamus


Yes, your honor. We believe Apache Helicopters are marketed toward children.


The camo had worked, everyone was confused, some saw a camel, some a giraffe, one poor soul even saw the French!


How can you craptioneers not tell the difference between a camel, a kangaroo, and a fucking giraffe??


Dick Cheney goes on safari.

capt k

After seeing the massive destruction that he had caused, even the helicopter had to shed a tear.

Hot Wheels

The camels were done with this zoo and after constructing a helicopter from food pellets they were off to the Middle East.


Everyone laughed about my Giraffe fetish - but I'll show them . . .


The tear drop in the corner of the camel's eye was the artist's subtle way of symbolizing the cynicism of war (i.e. how fucking retarded it was to take killing people so lightly as to paint a silly camel on an attack copter).

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