Craptions Classics August 29, 2007

After Mystery Science Theater 3000 was cancelled, Tom Servo fell on harder times and resorted to criticising musical concerts.

J Random

Other Craptions

Hello 911? Yeah it's stuck in an ornate keyboard this time...


He was oblivious to the midget assassin, lurking in the shadows...

Waiting to strike...


The materials and craftsmanship on this organ is amazing. It used Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen...

Santa Claws

Jeff was like a metrosexual deer caught in the headlights of life.


Ted Nugent's foray into easy-listening was mercifully brief.


Is his hair always like that?


Damn, Metallica has gotten lame.


Jeff bagged his 34 point Whitetail keyboard with a combination of stealth and cunning.


I'd like to dedicate this next song to my dear friend Buck, who made a special point of being here tonight.


After Keanu Reeves blows all his money buying gifts for The Matrix crew, he returns to his first Playing 3 times a day (4 times a day on weekends) at the Flamingo Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas aka: Keanu Keys.


"This one's for you, honey! Yes you!... wait, where are you going?!"


I wrote this next song myself. It's called "Fuck my life."


Antler Rock: The New Wave


I swear, the older Prince gets, the stranger his concerts are.

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