Craptions Classics August 28, 2007

No Grandpa, I'm still not getting a signal! Try moving it a little to the left!


Other Craptions

After the bomb went off, Ricky checked to make sure he could still hear. Bobby, on the other hand, checked to make sure he still had his nuts.

Choco Taco

Jeff was tired of hearing about Grandpa's old "war wound".


He had stopped, but alas, it was indeed not Hammertime.


...Mom? Yeah, its Jimmy...Hes doing it again...


You hear me boy? I said this is for fighting, THIS is for fun. THIS RIGHT HERE.

Full Metal Jack It

Honey... I don't care if it was on sale--this is the shittiest lawn gnome I've ever seen!


That's really the one thing you don't wanna see when your wife's having phone sex with you.

The Rake

Ok David Blaine, erm, can i get them back now?


it aint going in your ears boy ... its going in your mouth.


Worst iPod commercial ever.


whats odd in this picture? why the hats of course


According to my nuts there is a thirty percent chance it is raining right now


"Too busy talkin' on your cellphone to listen to me, huh? Well I gotcher 'cell phone' right here!"

The Zipper

Nikolai was tired of his father raping his ears

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