Craptions Classics August 27, 2007

Winning wasn't good enough for Larry. He wanted to win hands down.


Other Craptions

Upon careful examination of the replay footage, it became evident that racers #009 and #004 had indeed cheated in the 800m handstand race.


On display are three very distinct running styles: the "Gay Prance", the "Handstand Shuffle", and the "One Legged Pogo While Trying to Hold in a Massive Shit".

rat bastard

Darrell wanted to win, but not as much as he wanted to be known as runner number 949.

black beans

Steve started showboating a bit too early.


After tripping the man next to him, Gerald did his best to look nonchalant, and skipped away.

The Zipper

Instead of looking over his shoulder to see who was behind him, Jim decided to try something new.


Peter had been pressured by his father to become an olympic runner, but his first love was breakdancing.


They say that 646 was such a scatterbrain that he didn't know which way was up.

He knew. He just didn't give a fuck.


The first Olympics held in Moon City were going well until lane 2's artificial gravity began to malfunction.


If you know a better way for an olympic track runner to avoid pulling a hamstring, then let's have it.


Unfortunately for Jack, his manager had accidentally signed him up for the marathon as opposed to the diving competition. To make matters worse, he had forgotten to tell him.


The Ministry of Silly Walks marathon run was well under way.


Knowing his chances for gold are long gone, runner 646 preforms a bitchin' front handspring to fire up the crowd.


The life expectancy of British agents would become substantially longer once MI-6 did away with the mandatory nametags.

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