Craptions Classics August 26, 2007

If you know a better way to whiten teeth then let's have it.


Other Craptions

It was only as Tim reached the ground did the disadvantages to up-side-down parachuting become abundantly clear.


Nobody believed Rufus could catch trout with his teeth. They were wrong.

Clear as Fog

Thank God, thought Richard. My head will break my fa-


Bobbing for apples extreme edition.


And thus the Air Worm claims another helpless victim.

Cpt. Lazer

I don't care how much their prosthetics cost, mermaids just completely suck at our sports.

Land Lubber

Watch as the giant widgety grub falls from the trees to catch its prey, covering it in silk.

dr katlington

"Alright men!" Central Incisor cried, "On my mark the left flank will move about behind the tongue, and then I'll lead a charge directly down the middle! Remember, are a part of the Mandible! We are strong! WE ARE INVINCIBLE!"




All 237 guys agreed. Those were the whitest teeth of ANY Editor they had ever cum across!


"No Howard, that's not a hamburger, it's a hamburger shaped webca-...never mind."


"Since nobody would ever read my craptions, maybe they'll read my lips."


The straightest bottom teeth in all of Britain....

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