Craptions Classics August 22, 2007

The scale of the looting in New Orleans was often underestimated.


Other Craptions

Take-off was a bitch, too.


Swear to God guys, I saw a gas station just a few miles back.

Timmy IV

"Dude this is gunna be so funny when the pilot gets out of the bathroom and can't find the plane."


The cause of the crash was quickly discovered to be 9 people hanging from the left wing


The inaugural gathering of the Save the Whales Campaign for the Blind was off to a disastrous start.


Don't worry, you said. It's got more than one engine, you said....


After 3 hours of pushing they realised they were just going round in circles

S piers

It had never occurred to Shandong Airlines that hiring a pilot instead might have been more effective.


China's shuttle still needs work.


Sign number 317 that you shouldn't have picked the budget airline

J Random

Their float in the LGBT Pride Parade was in the shape of a long hard white shandong.


apparently, none of these people had actually seen a whale..


Swear to God...the passengers were NOT letting that plane off the ground until they were promised peanuts!


Oh HELL NO, Mel Gibson is not coming to OUR island. Quick! Push him back where he came from!!!

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