Craptions Classics August 18, 2007

All these dyslexic people ever wanted was just one hug.


Other Craptions

Regardless, John kept paddling.


After shouting at the floodwater for 6 hours to go away, the town theorized that if water couldn't hear, it could certainly read.


Tim had paddled long and hard, and he had finally found the G-spot.

Some Musings

PWOT readers were shocked when the next craption failed to arrive.

It would seem the protestors had got their way.

El G

They couldn't find enough letters for "ADEQUATE" or "SUFFICIENT," and hoped this wouldn't be taken the wrong way.


Noah's canoe just wasn't big enough to save all the humans.


Having missed the Ark, Noah's brother Frank arranged a last-ditch plea to God--whose middle name, apparently, is Gordon.


You can lead hippies into a river, but you can't make them like it.


God said; "Let there be rain", but the people were strangely negative.

serial masochist

At the rally to ban "dihydrogen monoxide".

Mason Stormchild

Sadly, Sesame Street had to be cancelled after the letters that had sponsored the show for so many years decided to go on strike.

Hot Wheels

"CAN'T" and "GET" were unfortunately left out of this picture of the International Flood Lover's Association's annual parade.

Choco Taco

They were broke and the sign was supposed to say SEND DOUGH. But the S fell in the pond and both of the D's were late.


John and Dave, this isn't a caption, but please put more pictures up.

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