Craptions Classics August 17, 2007

Oblivious to the common social etiquette, Warren went straight for the tits.


Other Craptions

Nancy craved sax and Bill was into big headlights. It was love at first sight.


I was a yuppie pretending to be a laid back street musician. She was a trust fund princess who wanted to seem bohemian. Together, we were Team Poseur! We didn't fight crime - we drank six dollar coffee.

rat bastard

This is not the sax you're looking for.

...That is not the sax I'm looking for.

You will give me your money now.

...I will give you money now.


No, no you want the guy with the trumpet for a cock - listen, just go three block down til you come to reach East 23rd Street, then turn left and keep going until you see a guy with a trumpet for a cock.

Lt. Geyser Shitdick

It took her exactly 10 minutes to understand what he meant by "Blow me"

Baby Strangler

Later in the hospital Ben would come to the conclusion that yes she was indeed real.


Nancy still wasn't interested, but she was impressed with the virtuosity he could play the saxophone using only telekinetic powers and his penis.


An aging Neo finds that, unlike bullets, no man can stop a woman from talking.


We haven't sold a bike or a saxophone in months, people. It's time to face it, the hyper-realistic mannequins were a bust.


I just grabbed the cat like this, and stuck him in my pants. Taught him to play the sax, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Yes, you turn left at the... fuckin' hell, there's a SALE!!!

Count Spatula

I'm sorry, you have to be at least this tall to hear me play.


Listen, I'm not gonna pull a Bill Clinton on you, I just wanna see if your head fits my hand, for the fun of it.

hillary O.

The sax earned him some loose change here and there, but it was Eddie's air guitar that drew in the big spenders.

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