Craptions Classics March 14, 2006

In Saddam-era Iraq, hitchhiking was a crime punishable by encasement in carbonite.


Other Craptions

Dave makes his annual pilgrimage to the Village Peoples Monument


Even with the helpful reminders of Iraq's new "Mecca Locator" initiative, poor Jaheef never knew which direction to offer praise.

Yellow Dart

In memory of all the brave soldiers who forgot their weapons on the boat, and then blindly ran out onto the battlefield pointing at enemies and shouting "BANG BANG BANG" a lot.

Senor Taco

A street vendor sells souvenirs near one of Iraq's most cherished landmarks, the "I can see my house from here" monument.

Linux fan

The brave Perseus dared not to point at Medusa.


The Netherlands government has organised that life like emergency Dyke pluggers are always at the ready


the first every international game of giant risk failed due to lack of turnout


The three boys had always been told it was rude to point. Now, they would face the consquences...forever.

Jifted Kid

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