Craptions Classics August 16, 2007

No one knew what to expect when Tim Burton decided to make an Elmer Fudd movie...

Choco Taco

Other Craptions

Later that evening, the Ministry of Silly Walks took on a darker tone.


As long as you carry a shotgun, you CAN simply walk into Mordor.


After avenging his daughter's virginity, Farmer Tom returned with a trophy.

"Let's see him try that again with one leg."


Your balls are hopelessly tangled in barbwire. There's a culvert 20 feet east and a tornado bearing down on you 200 feet west. You have one shotgun round left.

Phil McKraken

Wimbledon, 1940


In the Land of Silhouettes Bootcock Bill was boss.


Despite the barbed wire, waning daylight, and encroaching enemy forces, General Bradley had a little Captain in him.


Sherlock Holmes would have solved his mysteries a lot faster if he had only packed some heat.


"Shhh... Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting fo..OUCH! MY CWOTCH! MUTHEWFUCKEW!!!"


Back in my day, we crossed barbed wire fences with our balls! used shotguns as boomerangs and had penis's so big we used them as kickstands.

you young'uns have it easy..


There were never huge trenches or minefields in World War I, just an occasional fence. But the rest of the war was so boring that historians said anything to liven it up.


In the dark post-apocolyptic future, war is outlawed. All conflicts, all disputes, are settled on the volleyball court.

J Random

man survives shotgun through the face


Elementary my dear Watson, i'll be back

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