Craptions Classics August 13, 2007

Nigeria unveils its newest technological breakthrough- a single-use anti-satellite cannon.


Other Craptions

It is a sad commentary that, for many African nations, guns are more readily available and cheaper than firewood.

President Scroob

Ironically someone gets stabbed in the background.

t.j. Kookenpoup

Charlton Heston's funeral pyre was strangely appropriate.

The Stu Crew

Sorry we have to do this, God. Maybe next time you can shorten the famine by a few years, huh?

Big Dookie

"What is he doing...?!"
"It could be worse sir, atleast you didnt ask him to cock his weapon"


Survivor Africa had only one episode.

kandi kamp

Give a man fire, he'll be warm for a day. Teach a man how to light fire and he'll cripple his country's defensive capabilities.


Define gunfire.


People in gun houses shouldn't light torches. But if anyone's crazy enough to do it, it's them.


Unlike their prehistoric counterparts, current-day woolly mammoths are born with +15 fire resistance


The village people gather around to see their idiot's near death experience.


"You did take the bullets out of the guns first, right?"

"Say what now?"

Sergio Machismo

The somalian farmer was pleased, his rifle crop was doing well, but his RPG stalks were his real passion


Somebody should've more clearly explained what "fire your weapons" means.

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