Craptions Classics August 11, 2007

Red Bull gives you wings. Monkey Bull makes you use them.

Jolly Swagman

Other Craptions

Many animals were harmed in the making of this picture.


The Mexican space program was off to a flying start.


The apocalypse was not what anyone had expected, especially the "Horsemen."


When Curious George went live-action it suddenly took dozens of monkeys' lives to finish filming an episode.


Bubbles the monkey finally had enough of Michael Jackson. He was determined to make it "payback day" at Neverland Ranch...


"So, how are Mexican anti-drug commercials different from ours?"


Don Peote

Ferdinand had attempted many times to kick his opium addiction, try as he might, he could not get that monkey off his back


You might have a bigger cock... but who's riding who?


It was real wrath of God type stuff. Rivers and seas boiling, earthquakes, human sacrifice, monkeys riding bulls, restless leg syndrome, mass hysteria!


Kiko was through flinging doo.


The shrew clinging to the monkey is the real bullriding superstar of this travesty

The Shrew

Monkey see, monkey wreck shit.


Now if you can work in a chicken somehow, I'd say you'd have something for YouTube.


Then the monkey's face got 'humped'

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