Craptions Classics August 09, 2007

Both brothers were proud of each other


Other Craptions

Marcy had done it. She took 1st place in the international parapalegic tan-off competition.


After taking the bet Hugo unzipped his pants and unsheathed his junk. And who would've guessed it? It really did kinda look like a woman holding a trophy. Hugo came up $20 that day.


Haha, trophy wife! Geddit? Because of the trophy? And the wife? And the guy holding them? Haha! Clever, thy name is craption!


Just then, her cock flopped out and everyone kind of got it.


A bold move on his part, Hulk Hogan shaved his mustache and won the womens body-building competition.

the blue hammer

This quantum vortex gives us a view into the alternate universe in which Jon Benet Ramsey is still alive.

Professor Farnsworth

Bill was lifted high in the air as the winner of the "best tuck" contest.

Autumn Merenda

With her family's fortune gone, Paris Hilton has resorted to doing gigs at muscle man trade shows just to fund her skin cancer treatments.


That is most realistic blowup doll ever!


Where's Iran!


Cyclone didn't realize the model was only presenting him with the trophy.


Of course everyone knew the trophy half of the prize was just for show.


Once you win a Mr. Universe competition, not only can you afford one, but you DESERVE a leather-upholstered sex-doll.


...And now for your viewing pleasure, "2 guys 1 girl and a cup."

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