Craptions Classics August 08, 2007

And thus, Becky set out on her quest. She would later regret not picking the sword.

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

Tired of perverts grabbing your ass while you power walk? Install the new Ass-Hazard 3000 and bite the hand that feels you!


My other ass is a pit bull.


It's always been said that the quickest way to end the grief and pain over a dead pet is to turn him into a fashion accessory.


The concept of walking the dog was completely lost to Heather...


It wasn't her most convincing theft, but Kleptomaniac Karen walked confidently out of the pet store.


Ironically, she named the dog "Fanny"


Trying to look inconspicuous, Jackie quickened her pace. She didn't dare to look, but she could feel the beast was still following her.


Having never washed out the filthy fanny-pack, something...hideous began to grow.

Leroy P. Gottlieb

Walk briskly and carry a small dog.

Photon X

Siamese twins are almost always members of the same species.


Sherry's ass was certainly a magnet, but not for the sort of attention she wanted.


It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this.


The quickest way to a girl's ass is through her dog.


Tired of having men stare at her ass all day, Anny trained the dog to stare back accusingly.

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