Craptions Classics August 07, 2007

"Hey guys, I dropped my me beat the shit out of it."

Jolly Swagman

Other Craptions

At the California Republican Primaries.


They were all in place, and the ritual to summon He-Man had begun.

G. Lucifer

I think I speak for everyone when I say that nobody expected the final Harry Potter book to end like this...


The International Constipation Marathon enters its 98th hour.


You put your right bicep in, you put your right bicep out, you do the hokie pokie and you shake it all... Hamid! What the fuck? This no time for a freestyle!!!!

rattled bassoon

John wasn't impressed. He could shit a better body than the guys next to him


Only when the three Tony Danza's align will the leader show his true bright red form


I once hugged a man thiiiiis tight!


Its easy to spot an Enrique Glasias music video.


Wow! I can see my reflection in the floor! ... Man, I'm hot!


Witness the live-action Dragonball Z movie


2045: The Earth Cascades Into Madness...Tony Danza and His Legion of Oily Danzabots Enslave The Planet. All of Earths Cube Vans Are Assemebled To Create Danzatron. Million Perish.


Only when Haji's flesh ripped away did the others concede that he trully was Lord of Duchebags.

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