Craptions Classics August 06, 2007

The alternate ending to The Lord of the Flies in which the boys develop an extensive legal system.


Other Craptions

And it was at that furry convention that a young Pedobear got his first eyefull of loli.


The case referred to as "Three Pigs VS. B.B. Wolf" was often frustrating for the defense.

Michael O'Dwyer

"..what's that God?

you want me to kill, them all?"


Surprisingly, being raised by wolves prepared jack well for a career in politics.


Your Honor, I really MUST object to the defendant continually referring to my client as a sow.


kid; 'having pagan parents sucks ass'


Halloween just wasn't the same ever since Donald Trump took over.

Big Dookie

Westlake Elementary is proud to present "The Island of Doctor Moreau"


I actually have to defend the Big Bad Wolf...I mean...the word BAD is right in his name, and most of the jury are pigs. I am so screwed here.


Objection. You're honor, Mr. Wolf is color blind. How could he know the color of Mrs. Hood's hood?


Lawyers, as seen caught with their human disguises down.


piggy just couldn't watch the patriots lose the superbowl knowing his bookie was a wolf


Nolen, terrified, kept very, very still. His dad warned him about blonds.


"Okay, when you say you 'ate' my Grandma, PLEASE tell me you meant that literally!"

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