Craptions Classics August 03, 2007

You people are having too much fun, time to pull the plug.

evan oops

Other Craptions

FEMA continues its post-Katrina rescue efforts as confused Californians look on.


The President's new shark relocation program promises to bring much excitement to Iranian beaches.


When the general wants to go fishing, we go fishing.


Roaldo relaxed and placed his hands on his hips. No one was going to notice the massive piss he was taking, now.


Army/Navy tug of war games.


The unlucky scuba diver ended up in a forest fire nearby.

rat bastard

Timmy's mother's pooch perfectly blocked his view of what would be awesome helicopter maneuvers. She was in the way. She was always in the way. Tonight, he would cut her.


A little known fact: Every time the US invades a country, an appropriate teabagging is given to the once-sovereign nation.

Buddy Christ

Stealing the Atlantic was probably the least terrorizing terrorist act to date.


You don't want the cheap seats on this helicopter tour.


When Rosio O'Donnell almost drowned, the Coast Guard had to take special measures to save her.


The mother helicopter swoops down, her childeren will eat well, today.


Rest assured comrades, the Americans will never be able to locate our new tactical sub...

kernal spaz

"And that's how Sea World gets its dolphins Billy."

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