Craptions Classics August 01, 2007

After years of legal wrangling, Liberace's ashes are finally scattered.

dr frank

Other Craptions

Oddly enough, the children at the birthday party were actually happiest when the clown fell into the wood chipper.


San Francisco, CA: The National Weather Service reports an unknown substance precipitating today. One eyewitness described it as "raining gay."

Photon X

India's first Mardi Gras might have been more successful if women had been allowed to attend.


The townspeople celebrated; the demolitions team had succeeded. Jigglypuff was no more.


While their skin was getting ripped to shreds in agonizing pain, the townspeople had to admit: this was the most beautiful plague of locusts they'd ever seen.

Buddy Christ

"And now a little paprika... Godzilla will be soo happy..."


"You're right, Fredo, the boiling oil works much better"


Here's what's left of your so called uprising.


Why are we doing this again?

Capt McFunny

Oppressing Your Masses Tip 237: Pink candy corn has a critical velocity greater than rounds fired from an AK47 when thrown from the balcony of your palace.


Everyone forgot it was gay angel day, exept for Raul that is.


Darling, I know youre sensitive about this, but would you mind changing Dandruf Shampoo's?


Amir was outnumbered, outgunned, and confused as hell.

How the fuck where they throwing petals upwards and angled towards him?

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