Craptions Classics July 24, 2007

Come in commander, I have infiltrated the kindergarten. No one suspects a thing.

Ersatz humour

Other Craptions

As the cops dragged him away, he couldn't convince them that his pleas for a little head had nothing to do with those kids.


No one wanted to mention the obvious. They tried not to stare, but the little boy, oblivious to manners, finally shouted out "hey! you're doing the gay thing with your pinkie!"

rat's plastered

Lighting struck poor Tommy's house while he was playing Goldeneye, and he's been stuck in DK Mode ever since.


After years of risking life and limb fighting evil, Mr. Fantastic dies choking on an ice cube


Jose desperately tried not to stare at the midgets


Ever since moustaches went out of fashion, Jerry had felt like he didn't quite fit in.


Does he realize that I just peed in that cup?


Quick take a picture of me next to these small headed bastards!


"Alright. what'd you kids put in my drink"?


Alice hoped this wasn't another flashback to that awful rabbit hole incident last year.


Cindy was right. Juan's ego was out of control.

The Diesel

The subtle Kebab product placement campaigns were getting more and more bizarre.


...his penis? Not so much.


The experiments on the fruit proved that Gushers actually do work both ways.

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