Craptions Classics July 21, 2007

Bob had two surprises that evening. The later one was he liked it.


Other Craptions

Ralph, as usual, had underdressed for the occasion


Every picture Ron took was ruined by transvestites that only he could see.


This would be the happiest moment of Tim's life... the evening would be his saddest


Already, the cam whores were eyeing a fancier model.


These weren't the "drag racers" Ted expected to see, but he decided to go with it.


This is gonna look great on my MySpace


Logic dictates that the man holding the camera is, in fact, a woman.


John always kept a little noose around his thumb to remind him or how his father was lynched for being a gay, cross dressing Republican


Is there no shame anymore?! How can you walk around with no shirt on?


Gary's failure to get his glasses prescription upgraded for several years would finally come back to bite him in the ass, but that would not be the worst thing happening to his ass that night.

rat bastard

It took a lot of persistance.
It took a lot of courage.
It took a lot of alcohol.
It took him 67 years.

Ed was finally getting a threesome.


Betty gets her photo with two drag queeens


A prospect of a four-some would flare up anyones imagination. Old Johnny took control of the situation by squirting some water


Borat's brother, Dorat, had a much smaller budget for his film.

mac boy
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