Craptions Classics July 18, 2007

When the flood waters finally receded, leaving behind a layer of debris and bodies, the Frech Quarter look pretty much the same as always.


Other Craptions

"I call it... College Student: An Abstract."


Long after the candles for Evan's memorial burned out, Evan remained.


The anti-litter fund-raising party kicked ass!


Another typical morning for John Cheese.

rat bastard

Oh well, I'm just a Bill, and I'm passed out here on Capital Hill.


It takes 5 years to become a chiropractor, and 5 hours in this position to severely damage the spinal cord. Karl had done both, and as the sun came up the irony hit him like a concrete stair to the back.

Lakin v Hando

Unlike they had done for Rocky, the city of Philadelphia refused to erect a statue to the guy who partied his way up the steps of City Hall.


For dave it had been one hell of a night! He just wished someone else had taken part.

yay !

epileptic binge drinkers are the worst...


The greatest Irish wake EVER. Tommy O'Leary wasn't even dead...


"Excuse me, Senator Kennedy? The Senate is now in session."


It figures that the one guy at AA who kept to his convictions would be the only one left out of the Rapture.


Damn, somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy!


Stairway to Hangover!

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