Craptions Classics July 17, 2007

jim and tom love their new remote control helicopter but they didn't have enough money for the wireless one.


Other Craptions

every one knows sky sharks can only be caught using live bait.


The channel 6 Action News weather team will do anything for ratings. Anything.


In Soviet Russia, helicopter flies YOU!


Midgets pack the coolest parachutes

The Skins

THIS is where you'll be when diarrhea strikes...

captain cheesy

ya gotta think out side the 'copter...

Aaron's #1

Like I need more stress right now , my goddamn foot is on fire.


The midget drop was going well until Dave pissed himself


"I told you before the flight - if you eat beans, you ride outside!"


You know we could have waited for a cab.


Little known fact, Brandon Routh was cast as Superman because he was the only actor who didn't crap himself during the somewhat unorthadox audition process.


And in the next slide, we illustrate the main difference between the sexes. Both men and women do stupid things, but only men THOUGHT THEM OUT FIRST!


Johnny took puppet mastery to whole new level.


How many times did we go over that? Count to ten, then pull the parachute cord!

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