Craptions Classics July 16, 2007

Mordor's 116th Mechanized Division.


Other Craptions

With 500GB of RAM you're damn right he never forgets.


Tired of being upstaged when the Catholics came to town, Abdul unveils the Ganeshmobile.


The Republican-Borg Party
Resistance is Unamerican.


"Has anyone seen my left testicle? Last I saw of it was in the trunk of some little crappy car."


They both scanned the horizon as they circled the block for the 27th time.

Still nowhere to park.

El G

So the plan is we leave this at the gates of Baghdad and pretend that we've gone can guess the rest.


Much to PETA's dismay, the elephant was completely artificial, save for its tusks.


The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new.


"Bugger this!" thought Legolas, "I'm calling the A-Team"


He was old and tired, had an artificial leg and had just run over two kids, but damn he loved this job.


"My other ride is a Mothra"


What I'm amazed at is that the man in the blue shirt and glasses at the bottom of the picture found something more interesting.


Grand Theft Pachyderm


If that elephant had 500 RAM as the lead craption states, then it would forget everything every time it slept. RAM wipes itself dumbasses.

A concerned craptioneer
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