Craptions Classics July 15, 2007

Officer Fergeson smirked back at the squad. Despite their years of criticism, his giant rubber band ball had saved the day.

David Runge

Other Craptions

For Cavaliers, the process of making pearls can take up to four years.


The new cruiser hood-mounted trebuchets were a smashing success.


God doesn't play dice.

He's more of a bowler.

Thor McNotgay

This proves that Pluto was never really big enough to be a planet


The red-light cameras were becoming more and more aggressive.


"Well I don't care if you're Optimus Prime...Stop playing marbles or I'll fine you!"


The Indiana Jones approach to law enforcement proved to be a winner.


"Alright, who threw that?!"


Grand theft testicle


It took 17 long years for that boulder to track down Indiana Jones, but it had made a promise to itself.


and a new egg its coming out of the mother car... with joy, the officer stwart beholds the cicle of life


The new series Law & Order: Junk in the Trunk wasn't picked up for a second season.


Mister, you certainly have some balls coming back to this town.


They thought that organic cars designed around cat DNA would be a good idea.
They run on food, they run better with catnip.
They always smell fresh.
Until the hairball accidents began occurring.

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