Craptions Classics July 10, 2007

You call this fresh?


Other Craptions

"You know what, Rebecca? It's over. Take your stupid cat!"

Senor Taco

The powers of Magneto's nephew weren't as impressive.


Operating a McDonald's in Moscows always has its risks, such as the escape of raw ingredients.


"Ah, yes, I'm next. I'd like the cat, please."
"And how would you like that done?"
"Very good."


"Ah, we meet again, Fast Food Girl and Linked-at-the-Face Siamese Wonder Twins! But you will never catch... the Cat Burgler! Throw me, DJ Qualls!"


The cold burger was the final straw. Ian turned around and flipped'em the cat.


I'M IN UR... fuck it.


Everyone was terribly impressed by Ivan's new Kitty Yo-Yo. You couldn't even see the string.


Pikachu, I choose you! Muffin devastation attack!

J Random

There was only room for one jean jacket in this coffee shop. Dmitri played his hand.


There is no F*%#ING cheese on this cat!!!


A leaky celling is not desirable when its raining cats and dogs

Family Guy

Whats sad is the girl behind the counter looks as though she sees this happen a lot.


The Faceless Siamese Twins where no match for Ivan the Cat Commander and Quentin Tarantino

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