Craptions Classics July 08, 2007

You should see his piano tank.


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"All we are saaaaying is give peace a chance"


And so, the 'Gangster Folk' music genre was born.

comic book hero

Sgt Jennings' vietnam flashbacks were becoming increasingle bizzare


Frank was somewhat confused about the meaning of "Battle of the bands".

your face

Fucking guitarist was loaded again.


And somewhere in Iraq there's some terrorist holding an acoustic guitar.


The police were baffled. The word was the concert was a front for arms smuggling but damned if they could find any weaponry!

El G

George, never being a smart fellow, took the request for Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" a little too seriously.


"America, fuck yeah!"


Box of Ammuntion: $150

Paper used to commemerate the lives you've taken: $13

Realization that Free Bird triggers your blackouts and transforms you into the "Crane Killer": Priceless


George really blew the crowd away with his guitar solos...


Kim Jong-Il would often allow the North Korean King of Pop, Poongkang, to participate at party rallies.


Axl Rose could finally rest easy. He'd never have to worry about lax security again.


Fact:Paper cranes are sexually attracted to wicker

Inigo Montoya
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