Craptions Classics March 13, 2006

Hey Jane? Yeah... I'm gonna have to call you back.


Other Craptions

"Hello, 1-800-BUTTLICKERS? I'd like a-WHOOAAAA!!! That was fast!"

Senor Taco

Hello, Police i am being chased by a brightly dressed individual...


As he tackled the naked man, the security officer wished for a raise - and as his arm touched crotch, he felt one.


"Good thing i kept my socks on, otherwise i would have looked quite the fool"


Scottie - beam me up now!!!


"Sweet! The last item on my Scavenger Hunt! I SAW HIM FIRST!!!"


Yes, I will hold


His instincts told him to fight back, but Jack Bauer knew that if he ended this phone call Terri and Kim would almost certainly be killed.

Lawn Dart

What if God was one of us...


Can you hear me now? Good!


After 38 years of living in the closet, Gary could stand it no longer. He saw his opportunity and he took it.


He's Irish! Get him!

Linux fan

Further evidence of England's ongoing class war between those with clothes and those without.

count Crapula
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