Craptions Classics June 27, 2007

This was definitely the wurst car ever.

Haschel Cedricson

Other Craptions

Using their "Trojan Horse", the vegetarians sneaked into the meateaters convention unnoticed


"No, Magic Sausage Car. I'm all grown up now. Those days are over."

Senor Taco

Not wanting to be recognized, the robot transformed into car mode. To be extra safe, he also transformed his human companion into an inconspicuous pile of sausages.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

You brats get off the car!

Choco Taco

The first rule of being a dog catcher: Work smarter, not harder.


"And then we just drop it into the lake and wait."
"That plan is stupid, Joe. First of all, we don't know if Nessie even likes sausages."


Balding businessmen can only gape in terror at the insecurity-mobile.


Remember the good old days when kids would just egg your car?


The auto show was a total sausagefest until that MILF arrived...


Evidently, the French army needed further research before they decided on a suitable camouflage for their German based tactical-response vehicles.


The men stared in horror as Lorena Bobbit pulled into the drive


"What's that, talking sausage car? Kill them all?"


After the great metal shortage of 2017, manufacturers started getting creative.


This car can also fly. But to get its wings to spread, you have to get it a little aroused first.


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