Craptions Classics June 26, 2007

Patrick Stewart wanted to be remembered as his wife would remember him.


Other Craptions

I takes a lot of work to fuck with your friend and make him think he's crazy.

Jeff was up to that challenge.


Jim knew his irrational fear of the whack-a-mole would come back to haunt him during his LSD trip.


Putting on the final touches at Leninland, where having fun will get you killed!


Fucking homeowners association tells ME I can't paint it lavender. I'll show THOSE old bitches!!


Juan had thought that he was climbing the stairway to heaven, only to be handed a paintbrush and a leaf blower when he got to the top.

Tollbooth Willy

The "homosexual agenda" finally reaches America's most beloved monuments.


A prankster ruins the tribute to the Blue Man Group


Head-On, apply directly to the forehead! Head-On, apply directly to the forehead! Head-On, apply directly to the forehead!


O.K. now that I'm large enough to conquer the world I want to be painted a totally gay color!


You know, I did always wonder what happened to the guy on the cover of those "You Don't Know Jack" games.


On the set of "Fabulous Planet of the Apes"


American Moai heads were not unheard of, but were known to be much gayer.


Barry Bonds still denies using HGH.


Mexicans even get all the shitty jobs in Heaven.

Ylliw Htoobllot
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