Craptions Classics June 25, 2007

When Big Brother wasn't watching, Little Brother would get in front of the camera and make an ass of himself.


Other Craptions

In the end, God turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.


Robert never thought that having unprotected sex with a house would come back to haunt him twenty years later.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Mum, are you sure you never got eaten out while you were pregnant with me? I mean, I'm having some fucked up flashbacks here and it would explain a lot.

El G

Tim had seen some retarded Japanese RPG final bosses in his day, but this one was about to make him reach for the power cord.


Unable to control his curiosity, Bill decided to forgo the new car and the trip to Tahiti to see what was behind door #3.


After many millenia, Zordon had finally upgraded to a color tube.


Bob, you've got a silhouette on your chin.


The designer of this wallpaint still hides becouse of the many bounty's and fatwa's on his head.


It surprised everyone to discover that God was actually Tony Shalhuob.


I've been there. It's in Chicago, near Millennium Park.


I feel... I feel as if there is someone watching me


Joey and Sarah attempt to create the World's Largest Soul Patch


that wasnt richard gear.......... was it......???


the musical version of "2001: a space odyssey" reaches its climax when the monolith starts to sing.

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