Craptions Classics June 22, 2007

Ironically, Jews loved the show.


Other Craptions

Man had always assumed that he was the most racist species occupying the planet, instead of the *third* most racist. The second most racist were of course dolphins.


Sometime during the sixth show of the day Amy began to wonder what the fuck she was doing with her life.


Where dolphins are known for leading drowning people to safety, beluga whales are merely know for messing around with them.


That's right folks! Today's SchwimmenHoffen Seaworld performance is brought to you by the Nazi party! Only the finest white whales for the finest white race. Later we'll have the Miller-sponsored bottle-nose dolphins.


So long, and thank you for the Jews.


Alternative Fuel Source #147


If you knew a dolphin would grow up to become Hitler, would it be ethical to kill it as a child?


After attempting to complete a swastica, their efforts were thwarted when a group of dolphins decided to turn it into a window.


"Springtiiiiime....for SeaWorllllld..."

Yo-Yoko Onoma

"Children! don't play with your food"


...And thats what Hitler saw when he closed his eyes.


Soon it was like the plane had never crashed.


Dear anal-retentive,
I think I know a dolphin when i see one

Country hick

Whats that dolphins? What is this final resolution you're talking about?

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