Craptions Classics June 21, 2007

Pakistani Cribs:

"And this is my Media Room. Behold my artificial sound system. Verily, it is the shit."

Harry Haphazard

Other Craptions

One more step in the eternal quest to shout at God.

Benny B and The Durbs

In his final moments before being fully engulfed, Ashvin noted that black holes looked much gayer than he had imagined.


Emfir contemplated if the world was ready for the Goatsephone.


“As your financial advisor I strongly advise against such a purchase”


And you're certain you haven't seen the solid gold, 5th century hookah that went missing from the museum last month?


I sent you to get milk, and this is what I get


Ahmed.. I get the feeling that those Americans are spying on us...


After completing the final weld, Hakim sat back in disbelief. The Sultan had asked for the most lavish hearing aid ever built, and Hakim had built it.

J Random

Sorry mate, but you can't park that thing here. I have to write you a ticket.


Naturally, when someone tried to explain them what iPods were, they did not believe it.


This is pretty much how every porno made in Inida starts. It'll get hot once the guy gets done fixing the phonograph. Trust me.


"...and now, Amed, witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational ANTIQUE SHOP!"


"No imitation!" said Malik."This is the real Colossus of Rhodes' asshole!"


"Maybe we'd get more business if we didn't play Celine Dione on the gramophone so much?"

"Shut the fuck up, this is my favorite part."

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