Craptions Classics June 18, 2007

In a world where umbrellas are forbidden, one man stands alone!


Other Craptions

Much more organized, the Polizei team was about to capture the yellow flag.


Under strict orders not to intervene, police looked on helplessly as, in an act of civil disobedience that shocked the nation, protesters refused to keep off the grass.


When the hippie war was won, nobody shed a tear for the riot police marching to the death camps.


"Stand up if you want free tofu! - Aha! Die hippies!"

Celestial Gold

The herd of college protestors were growing anxious. Their ears perk and they sniff at the air, all the while the hungry pride of riot police stalk through the tall grass and close in for the kill.


In the middle of a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky, Ed's signal for the police to move on the crowd wasn't the most subtle.

Bowel Release

The Grim Reaper hid behind the man in the white shirt. He knew if they ran his record they would find he was wanted for murder.


The SWAT team assumed it was a typo, they were completely unprepared for a terrorist nerve grass bomb.


A tense moment as the Polizei migration encounters a herd of Youth


Guys, forget about smoking weed! Check out this giant, yellow mushroom I found! ...Guys?


Planning another boring corporate bonding weekend? Take it to the next level with our Team Refugee package. Your employees will form that rare bond only found amidst bullets, fear and excrement.


The bait was in place and thre trap was set. Smarter than the average bear or not, this time, Yogi was going down.

J Random

Field of Dreams 2: If you build nothing whatsoever, the fuckers will still come and trample all over your field.


Polizei always ride single-file to hide their numbers.

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